Phenomenal Women – Dr. Faith Harding

Writing this profile was bittersweet for the team at Women of Kaieteur.  Dr. Faith Harding was by far the most prolific and outspoken advocate for Women’s Rights in Guyana.  It is my belief that she was the first true feminist in Guyana.  She worked tirelessly to improve conditions for women and girls and was also a child psychiatrist, educator, and a political activist as well as a wife and mother.

This particular profile is more poignant because for years many of the team knew her as PJ’s mom because she was also the mother of one of our high school friends.  She was warm and kind as well as fiercely committed to the causes that she chose to support.  Her phenomenal journey was cruelly cut short in 2015 but her legacy lives on through all the people both women and men who she helped through her activism.  She is gone but never forgotten and we are proud to hail her as one of our heroines at Women of Kaieteur.


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